we are a wood-computer factory . contact : abxo wooden-computer we are a wood-computer factory . Various model and colors for mini-itx hardware . contact : abxo wood-computer we are a wood-computer factory . Tour, laptop, home computer with colour on demand . contact : abxo


  • Par abzo
  • Le 24/07/2010

activity : design for computer 


Our models are registered in the CopyrigthFrance.com website and proposed to  French companies to be manufacture under non-exclusive license .   Other places in the world will  have a exclusive licence for them territory . We will try to use biodegradable material  and components, écologist ways of production and O.S. to have a good position in ecologist lists of computer box manufacturers.

  2 % on the public shop price with our mark , 3% with your mark .

Our agency is not commercial and don't not receive commissions on the provider  deal or giving contact . it is to connect suppliers with the company manufacturers or craftsmen of our models.



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