we are a wood-computer factory . contact : abxo wooden-computer we are a wood-computer factory . Various model and colors for mini-itx hardware . contact : abxo wood-computer we are a wood-computer factory . Tour, laptop, home computer with colour on demand . contact : abxo


Dear dealer ,

   as informel presentation : i provide free licence ( in english and french , the french making law, the english will be traduction by me such as indication  ) ,

if you already produce wood objects the invest cost for you will be little because you already have tools and knowledge .

If you don't have nothing it is good also because investment tools and material is very little ( 1500 E machines , 5 E / Pcs material for one case finished computer case : inclueding on/of button , leds , front panel 2Xusb2+ jack 3.5 mm in / out . The most important cost is CPU , RAM, HDD, etc..to make a complete pc but u can begin selling  cases to integrators

I imagine a good price for empty case is 80 E , production to begin with one man : around 10 a day first month , 20 a day afetr 6 month , 50 a day with more automation .
On this amount ( 80 E ) i just  need  2.5 % including all taxes on this public price with abxo mark , 3.5 ù with your mark ( you will pay at the end of the year according to amount you sold ).

If you sell a complete computer 500 E , you must give me around 2 E ( for the design of the box )

I'll send you a paper signed and numbered , you will paste it on the box and take 5 ( 10 MPixel )  foto with name : numero of the photo . abxo ( or your mark )  , on one of these photo : the numero clearly readable . These foto will be secure in a data base only readable by owners , for prevention of fraudulous copy . ( wood is impossible to duplicate )

I will help you to succeed as if it was my company . To find better selling , you will have to make complete computer , i work on that also and you will have the benefit of provider contact and some experience about building computer . There is not contraint , i don't ask you to produce nothing or  sell a minimal amount . You may sign the licence and do nothing : cost nothing

If you want exclusive licence it is only for your country and it will be avoid one year after signing if you didnot sell 500 Computer case ( in your country and in the world .).  If you built more than 50 000 , i will offer you reduction on rigth author . 

Best regards , ali . abxo computer

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